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Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, ICF PCC

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Do you feel like you are NOT enjoying your hard-earned leadership role anymore?

Is the thought of burnout, exhaustion, anxiety stronger than your enthusiasm for your work?

Let me show you how you can acquire skills and make changes in your brain and life that allows you to be with stress differently, avoid burnout, enjoy your career again.

Learn the skills and tools to have an impact and feel energized instead of burnt-out.

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Hear from Kathy:

Working with me is NOT about knowledge.

You can read all kinds of leadership books and gain a ton of knowledge about the latest models in leadership.

But I promise you that none of them will help YOU.

Think about all those seminars, leadership courses, executive learning opportunities that you have attended. Did any of them have a lasting change on you?

I am sure the answer is a big No and I tell you the reason:

It is not just about learning. It is about transforming who you are and BECOMING the leader you dream of.

Become the Leader You Dream

Think of LeaderSHIFT program as a Structured Course on building new Leadership skills in you, with support and guidance along the way.

You will learn what QUALITIES are needed to become the leader you dream and how you can develop these qualities in you.


Become the Leader You Dream LeaderSHIFT

Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, ICF PCC

Master the skills it takes and change the way you think to create fulfilling and impactful leadership and life that is aligned with your vision, values and ensure that you make the impact you want without leaving you exhausted and dissatisfied with yourself.

You don’t have to work hard endless hours and sacrifice your health, relationships, and family to move forward in your career.

LeaderSHIFT program is designed to help you enjoy your leadership without making sacrifices.

You want clarity, calmness, and focus.

You are STUCK and IMPRISONED in your PERFECTIONIST straightjacket.

You are READY for a change but are lost and have fear.

You’ve been programmed to do what you “should” be doing all your life, and the trade-offs and sacrifices are not worth it anymore.

Perhaps you’ve heard that voice inside that keeps whispering; “This isn’t working. You’re meant for more than this…

You want to be thoughtful about advancing your career (and life) so it can be fulfilling for both you and your family.

You’re not sure how to make it all work and you want support figuring this out.

Or maybe you DO have an idea of what you want but fear has kept you away from taking action.

That Inner Voice Has An Important Message!

We know in our gut when we're on track with our health, happiness, and inner joy and when we are not. You're here because you've had inklings that you're not enjoying your hard work and life as you should.

If you're reading this, it's because you're ready to FEEL that JOY again.

As a high-performance business professional and an entrepreneur: you have never seen a personal development program linked to your leadership development like LeaderSHIFT

As a former Corporate America Executive, I shared with you the four shifts that you have never thought of them before to supercharge your leadership, career and life.

Enjoying purposeful and fulfilling work that’s aligned with your values and priorities, and that uses your unique gifts, creativity and abilities without leading you to feelings of loss, regret and experiencing burnout can profoundly change the quality of your life.

At one point, I felt like I had climbed to the top of the ladder only to realize…crap! I love the ladder but I have not learned how to climb it without falling down!

I know this first hand. I spent two decades following the traditional route of what I SHOULD do. I worked for Fortune 100 and 500 companies with two Masters under my belt, achieving "success" but ignoring my own inner voice and all the sacrifices I was making until I had a severe health challenge exacerbated by the chronic stresses of all these years and burnout. I had ignored the whispers that became louder and louder and each day telling me that something in this equation is not working right for me.

I felt like I had climbed to the top of the ladder only to realize… Crap! I love climbing the ladder but I have not learned how to climb it properly so I wouldn't fall down and break my neck! This led to an UNBELIEVABLY hard healing journey coupled with soul searching. I went deep into mindfulness, neuroscience, optimal human performance and coaching the WHOLE person.  I coached leaders of different corporations and entrepreneurs to experience how one can grow in their leadership and not miss out on life and experience burnout. That is how I brought personal development and leadership development together: LeaderSHIFT

What I discovered Changed my life and it can change yours!

I faced a situation that Doctors gave up on my ever getting back to life. In the midst of going down through the worst nightmare for any high achiever, I had what can only be described as an epiphany.

When science told me there is nothing that medical world can do for me, I wrote my own obituary and tried to picture the day I am gone. The biggest question that came for me was: What do I want to be known for? What impact have I left behind in this world?

May be we never think of our brain and the importance of relaxing our brain. May be the idea of importance of our health and relationships and what matters in life seems kind of “secondary” and impales in the light of all the exciting things we can do in our jobs.

But I found out that some of these SEEMINGLY SIMPLE things ARE the most important things in LIFE even more important than our big positions and the passion we have for our jobs.

So, the question became: How does one experience the change? How can one really SHIFT their priorities and see things in a new light?

I learned what REALLY works when it comes to creating change in our lives for high achievers like us. I learned how to consider the WHOLE of a person before jumping into any changes in their life and how BEST to start letting them see the whole life and career in a new light that allows them to SHOW UP differently and ACT in a new way. It is about writing a whole new blueprint that allows one to build that “executive presence” and really feel that they are not going to regret how they live their life.

This methodology to develop this way of being and leading is patented with US patent office.

LeaderSHIFT is based on Pause to Rise® method.

So here I am. An Executive Coach Monk .

So here I am. An Executive Coach Monk . I’m your sounding board with experiences that you can trust. A person who experienced spiritual awakening and the importance of HOLISTIC leadership. A consultant who teaches you practical tools and research based techniques and yet holds the space for you to dive into your inner reflection and personal growth. I have a foot in both worlds. I fundamentally believe that we each need to go within and look at our own desires, fears, beliefs, and programming in order to create the career and life we deeply desire and enjoy our leadership without fear and regret which is why I’d love you to join us for LeaderSHIFT .

We’ll help you get clarity on what matters to you most and make the shifts necessary to gain confidence in your next step, achieve life-changing results by stepping up into your full potential and save you years of confusion, doubt and living a life with regrets.

It’s NOT about taking the next big-name LEADERSHIP course or method.

Adding another burden on top of your already overloaded to do list is NOT wise.

It’s time to take a different approach.

You’re stuck.

You’re not sure how to make it all work and you want support figuring this out.

You want clarity, confidence and conviction to MAKE A CHANGE that is BASED on YOU and WHO YOU ARE.

What you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore. But you aren’t sure what to do instead. I’ve been there. And here’s what I discovered:

“If you keep doing what you you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”


GET ALL of the most powerful tools while developing new capacities in yourself when you join


A four month program to ENGAGE with yourself for high achieving business professionals: From Self-Awareness to Self- Management to Building Neuroscience based Changes in Your Own Mind and Brain.

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About Me

Kathy Hadizadeh, MSc, PCC, CPCC, EQAC, BPC, TMF is the founder of Heart Mind Tuning Corporation in Los Angeles and a former IT executive.

Heart Mind Tuning is a coaching and consulting agency focused on human capital performance development and optimization through utilizing neuroscience, technology, and data.

She is a certified integral life, leadership, and executive development coach by New Ventures West. Kathy is also a certified neuroscience based emotional intelligence and mindful leadership consultant by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI).

To bring the power of technology to her coaching clients, she is certified by 6Seconds ; an organization that uses the power of AI to build emotional intelligence reports for leadership development, assessing brain capabilities, and doing 360s.

Kathy is a fellow with UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) and focuses on programs and research that helps high performance business professionals to increase their tolerance under high pressure and develop modern resilience.

In her 15-year tenure with corporate world, she has worked for several fortune 100 & 500 companies like DIRECTV, AT&T, Yellow Pages, Westfield, and Omnicom exposing her to ins and outs of various industries: Manufacturing, Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising, Property Management, and Financial industry.

Using her background in systems thinking and her track record in mind body connection, Kathy developed PAUSE to RISE® method and a movement that amplify effectiveness of leaders and boosts innovation in teams.

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When I started working with Kathy, I was lacking direction. I knew I wanted to lead bigger teams and become a mentor for the younger generation, but how do I break out and set myself apart? This was something that was not clear to me. Ultimately, I want to make an impact. I want to be a leader who shows strength and bravery with their actions. Encouraging others to be their best self. But, I was not able to sit down for 1 minute to quiet the thoughts. I constantly had lists going for all of the various aspects of life. I was very anxious and definitely suffered from depression. Always thinking that I wasn’t good enough.

I spent some time researching executive coaches that could help me build the necessary tools and when I met Kathy I instantly knew that she would be able to do it. Her approach was different. She didn’t go straight to the skills, but rather approached it holistically. The idea is when you are living your life to its full potential in all aspects then it will bleed into work and how you lead. All based on mindfulness.

Now I feel calmer and I’m responding versus reacting. I have cultivated the ability to sit quietly with my thoughts and have better focus. I’ve also been able to be more clear about what I want in terms of my advancement in my career.

Most important is that I now have tools to deal with negative self talk and anxiety. I use it to be a better listener and to pause before responding. I’ve noticed a change in how I react when dealing with difficult personalities in my life. Family was a big one. There are a lot of triggering things when it comes to my family, but I’ve been able to mitigate that by setting boundaries and being more mindful about others intentions. I also see a change when dealing with friends who are triggering. I’ve also, for the first time, started thinking about myself as the #1 priority. That has put things into perspective.

Testimonial from Lan, Director of Product Management

Working with Kathy is life changing. She offers practical advice based on experience and knowledge.

She combines several learning modalities and breaks it down into a simple model.

Her work with optimizing my mindset and building resilience has allowed me to experience life differently. As a leader and entrepreneur, I have always shifting prioritizes. Looking at my ambitions and life through the lens of holistic leadership, has allowed me to experience more effective decision making and mental focus.

Highly recommend her if you are looking for true transformation in life.

Testimonial from Ida, President IP Enterprise

I started my program with Kathy when I had a severe anxiety and sadness, regardless of whatever I had achieved in my life , still I felt very sad and unhappy inside.

We started the sessions, after the 4th session I was able to find the roots of my unhappiness, we dived deeper into that and found very nice solutions, I was really very persistent in my practices and I got amazing results. I really appreciate what you did Kathy .

Testimonial from Mitra, Banking Executive and Entrepreneur

When I started the program with Kathy, I had just come out of a tough year of battling breast cancer and was settling in my career. I needed to calm myself down and find a new narrative. The program helped me a lot easing up my mind in many aspects and showed me how to be present and appreciate (sometimes even cope with) the moment.

The fact that I could see Kathy practices what she preaches, herself and that I know that she has put the words into actions in her personal life makes me hear what she says, a whole different way. She is truly present in the moment and her very different point of view on issues really amazes me.

Testimonial from Mahkameh, Director Electrical Engineering

I am much more aware of and honest about the issues that hold me back.

I am more in touch with what was missing from my past “success” and why I felt disconnected from it - and also, what inspires me (and does).

I am learning to reconcile these truths with the apparent expectations of others I had been using to drive my behaviors and choices - and learning to care less (on the way to not at all).

I am starting to incorporate meditation and other methods to pull myself out of the spiral of doing and reconnect with the joy of being. I acknowledge and deal with my prioritization challenges much better, and organize my time more effectively to reduce stress.

I have dramatically improved my willingness and ability to build a stronger, supportive relationship with my partner by addressing concerns rather than always accommodating - I deserve what I need.

I am finally learning to stop the internal voices positioning my leaving Princess as a failure to be rectified or revenged or mourned, and have started moving down a path that's sensible for ME with less concern about how to explain it or how others might think of it.

Testimonial from David, Former CMO

How confident I am again. I can tell I am trusting the people and the process and my intuition a lot more. I am feeling my way along the way versus bulldozing through everything to get things done.

I'm excited about approaching things with a spirit of fun and adventure, once again, in trust of my ability to accept what comes my way, whatever it is, and be able to react, resolve, or put it to good use without a pause of confusion or search for meaning. You could say I'm back to running on all cylinders.

Testimonial from Carlos, Director and President

For years, my career choice was eating away at me. I had been a marketing director for over a decade, on various high-profile, blue chip companies, making over six-figures, and stuck in a miserable rut.

I am a classic type-A personality; I know what I want. It was clear to me that I wanted to change but I didn’t know how. I wanted to change my life so that I could actually enjoy it.

When I had my first consultation with Kathy, I knew she would be the one to help guide me out of my personal prison. Her inviting words and tone allowed me to be vulnerable, and so we began working through my self-inflicted constraints and negative self-talk.

She offered specific exercises to help me begin seeing my own patterns, both life and work patterns. Simultaneously, she guided me to discover my core values. Over the course of our year together, I aligned myself to my authentic values and learned to calm my mind, show myself compassion, and respect the career path I had chosen. I no longer look at my tenure as a marketing director with regret, but with pride and joy.

When I reshaped my experiences and refined my core values, I was able to acknowledge where my heart longed to be and why. I’m now a prolific screenwriter, a SAG-AFTRA actress, and a marketing consultant for small businesses. I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur and now I am one.

Testimonial from Carlos, Director and President

An overwhelmingly changing terrain at work is causing continuous new parameters that I need to take into account. This is creating consumption of my energy analyzing the external situation, and not leaving energy for examining my internal situation.

It is clear that a lot of the answers are within me. Through my past experiences, I know what works and what doesn't work for me. However, I am very dissociated with the sensations needed to make decisions based on these past feelings. I think I will benefit from introspection sessions daily, lead by my own self. This is something I used to do, and currently not. I feel like my practice to slow busy mind is coming back and I can see that the answers are coming.

Testimonial from AK, CTO

For many years, my focus was my career and sure enough, the focus area I asked Kathy to help me with was my career! I wanted to know how to grow in my career and where are the gaps and unknowns.

Our coaching sessions were involved conversations on different aspects of life which helped me realize what deep inside I would like to pursue and what are the missing pieces. Kathy gave me a different point of view about me, my life, my work and work- life balance. With her help, it became possible to me to open up to possibilities in a whole new way. Kathy`s high EQ combined with her experience, openness and listening, makes her a great coach.

Testimonial from Leila, Divisional Quality Leader

Our Work Together is Measurable and Metrics Driven!

In working together 1: 1, you have access to a private portal with customized metrics that we define together and you can track your change and progress over time.

You will receive personalized trainings, exercises, and journal prompts that help you make the change in your brain and mind.

In group coaching, you will have access to membership site with learning modules made available to you.

Below See Examples of Metrics And How We Implement Change in Our Partnership:

I Look Forward to Seeing You in Our Strategy Session!

Become the Leader You Dream!

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