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Experience Pause to Rise®

How do you like the idea of taking a pause to reflect on where you are with life?

I shared with you in my 2021 letter on the impact that this reflection can have on our lives especially during this time but may be you are wondering:

"Where do I begin? How do I plan for it?"

I have been in your shoes. 

And I also know that the first few weeks of January can come and go and furious.

Before you know, your mail box can be full and your calendar overloaded with meetings.

That is why I have put together these 3 part series to help you get started on taking that much needed pause.

Let's call it your very own Mini Retreat!

Look, I am taking away all the excuses from you! ;)

Are you ready?

Voila! Access the first part now to start planning!

Hope you will enjoy planning for your very own Mini Retreat!



Designed to help you plan for your 2021 intentions to LIVE more peacefully and THRIVE professionally.

The 3 Part Series to Jumpstart Integrating Your 2020 and Planning Your Intentions for 2021

( Even if you are ABSOLUTELY feeling stressed and anxious)

  • You are stressed and anxious during the Pandamic time
  • You have a tendency to be Hypervigilant in life
  • You constantly feel like you need a break from stress cycle
  • You wonder about how you can learn to cope with adversities of life and work effectively

Did you download your Part 1?

Weather you have the day planned or not is not important. What matters is that you are now AWARE of it! It is in the back of your mind.

You might be wondering:

"OK. Kathy… If I am going to allocate a half day of my precious time to this mini retreat, how can I optimize my time?"

That is an EXCELLENT question.

I expected you to ask this question. You might ask: Why? How come?

Because I know that my network is made up of HIGH ACHEIVERS. As high achievers, we automatically think about optimization. What is more important than our TIME?

So, here is my gift to you: I have prepared a BLUE PRINT for your Mini Retreat to help you optimize your time with you.

Once you download the PART 1, you will receive an email to download PART 2.

Let's MAKE SURE that you use this EXCLUSIVE GUIDE to DO your MINI RETREAT!

But Wait....

I have a question for you and I need you to be BRUTALLY HONEST here:

How do you normally treat yourself when you think of your own actions, successes or the so-called failures?

When you download PART 2, you will receive the email for PART 3.

PART 3 has another ESSENTIAL element for the SUCCESS of your MINI RETREAT!

You can experience the power of disconnecting to connect.

You are all set in setting intentions for your year. I want to draw your attention to the fact that I mentioned intention and not resolution. 😉Even in the midst of the most uncertain times, we can still set wise intentions.

If you felt like sharing what came out for you in your Mini Retreat, please do! I would love to see what comes out of this process for you!

As we close down on these series, I want to share a quote from Dr Rick Hanson with you that I have strongly experienced to be valid since 2016: “When things fall apart around you, you are really left with what you have developed inside you.”

Download Part 1

Mental Preparation

Download Part 2


Download Part 3

Self compassion

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